Jeddah forum to set out environmental strategy

Jeddah forum to set out environmental strategy

Dr. Majeda Aburas

Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH – Dr. Majeda Aburas, deputy executive director of the Saudi Environmental Society (SENS), has emphasized the need to establish a special agency under the Ministry of Interior for environmental security as well as to set out and implement related rules and regulations.

“The agency should be manned by security experts from the ministry and environmentalists from the The General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection,” she said while speaking to Al-Hayat Arabic daily, adding that such an agency was essential to stop environmental crimes.

She said the environmental security agency would contribute to reducing crimes. Aburas highlighted the impact of environmental crimes. “If security authorities fail to contain such crimes on time it would have dangerous consequences,” she explained.

Aburas is expected to address the first forum for environmental organizations and NGOs in Jeddah, which is scheduled for May 15-16. Delegates representing 40 organizations and government departments will participate in the event.

She will speak about the exemplary experience of the Saudi Environmental Society in environment protection. She commended the efforts of Environment, Water and Agriculture Minister Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Fadli and Dr. Khalil Al-Thaqafi, head of the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection in protecting the Kingdom’s environment.

“The forum will set out the Kingdom’s environmental strategy in light of Vision 2030,” Aburas said. “We want to achieve integration between the presidency and other environmental organizations and develop partnership with public and private agencies,” she added.

Aburas stressed the importance of creating a sense of environment among the Kingdom’s student community by incorporating subjects related to environment in the syllabus. “We should achieve environmental security to preserve our achievements and protect future generations.”

She highlighted the society’s pioneering role in implementing environmental regulations. “We have organized a number of national programs including the national program for environment and sustainable development titled ‘My environment, green flag and green nation.’

Schools with an environment sense and environment police are other initiatives launched by the society. She described attacks on environment as “a real war without using weapons.” Poisonous gases that come out of factories, smoke emitted from motor vehicles, destruction of coral reefs, pouring of oil on seawaters and excess usage of insecticides would destroy the environment.

“SENS is now studying prospects of launching an initiative for environmental security. We want to start from what others have done to protect environment,” she said stressing the need to take preventive environmental measures through enacting rules and regulations.

Environmental security aims at promoting positive behavior and attitude that would reduce negative impact on the environment. “Environmental security is as important as food, health and water security,” Aburas pointed out.

Security has become an integrated system encompassing national, international and regional relations, she said.

“Environmental security demands unification of efforts and exchange of information. Criminologists believe that environment can play a big role in reducing crimes in the country. So protection of environment is essential to reduce crimes,” Aburas said.