Kin justify locking dad inside room

Kin justify locking dad inside room


Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH — The sons and daughters of the aged man who was filmed locked up inside a room alone that is chained with iron chains, justified locking him inside the room for the fear that he might hurt himself if he wanders alone because he suffers from Alzheimer›s disease. The family claimed that they could not move their father to live with them because of social and financial reasons.

The story of the aged man locked up inside the room sparked public anger toward the sons and daughters who were accused of neglecting their father and treat him inhumanly. The family demanded to hold the man who filmed their father inside the room through a window responsible for violating their privacy and damage their reputation. They claim that they provide daily care for their father.

One of the daughters spoke to Al-Madina daily saying, “The whole story was not complete. My father suffers from Alzheimer and also suffers from psychological problem. My father is nearly 90 years old. We started to lock the room from outside one year ago when my father started going outside without wearing his clothes. Many of the neighbors complained about my father going out this way. One time when he was alone by himself, a car hit him. Most of the time when he leaves his room, he forgets the way back. After all this, we decided to lock his room from the outside.”

She said that all what was said about their sons abusing the father is not true. The family provide him with food, clean his room and clothes. The daughter added, “It is impossible that we will abandon our father. We take turn in taking care of him the moment we finish from work. Because of his old age, sometimes he refuses to eat or change his clothes. It happens now and it happened before when he was receiving treatment at hospital.”

The family said that because of their financial condition, they cannot provide him with a nurse to take care of him, but they do that in turns.
They also cannot bring him to live with them because of social reasons. The family said that they could not admit their father to the social care home that belongs to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development because he is not Saudi. They call for authority to hold the person who filmed and distributed the clip responsible for damaging the reputation of their family.