Makkah gets ready for influx of Eid visitors

Makkah gets ready for influx of Eid visitors

Makkah Municipality has maintained and beautified all public parks and streets ahead of the Eid Al-Fitr holidays.

By Badea Abu Al-Naja
Saudi Gazette

MAKKAH — Makkah Municipality has formed a number of technical teams to supervise and maintain public facilities during the upcoming festival season, which is expected to witness a high influx of visitors to the holy city.

Khalid Bin Mohammed Al-Heej, undersecretary for projects and maintenance at the municipality, said they were keen to ensure that all facilities are well-maintained to serve the visitors.

Al-Heej said the municipality has set up teams to oversee the implementation of drainage and flood projects in Makkah and its surrounding villages. Contractors have been hired to maintain the drainage networks. Emergency teams carry out routine maintenance of more than 300 roads and streets, 58 tunnels and a vast network of bridges and intersections in the city.

The maintenance work also covers more than 110,000 lighting units, 85,000 light towers and 1,345 electricity distribution panels.

In addition, there are teams that supervise public transportation and car parking at the entrances of Makkah. These teams also supervise the work of contractors taking care of public toilets.

The beautification work includes landscaping of streets and parks ahead of Eid Al-Fitr.

Al-Heej said the municipality has prepared plans for maintenance work during the season well in advance.

He said the municipality makes every effort during the blessed Ramadan to provide the best services to the people of Umm Al-Qura (the Mother of Cities) and its visitors and ensure their comfort and well-being.