Man sued over WhatsApp comments

Man sued over WhatsApp comments


Adnan Al-Shabrawi
Okaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — A man has filed a lawsuit claiming another who allegedly defamed him and insulted his family during a conversation on WhatsApp.

A court source said the plaintiff claimed that the defendant started a war of words between the two men by defaming him and his family in a group conversation on WhatsApp and took a screen shot of the conversation and posted it on Twitter before deleting it later.

The defendant denied the allegations. “The defendant said the feud was the result of a difference in opinion over a subject discussed in the conversation. The court contacted the administrator of the group asking for evidence to substantiate the plaintiff’s claim,” the source said.

According to the source, the group’s administrator stated that he had deleted the conversation while removing offensive and impolite comments.

“The administrator also stated that the plaintiff and the defendant are friends and they should reconcile and forgive one another. He urged them not to escalate the matter any further and create permanent friction between the two,” the source said.

The administrator also revealed that the feud was over sports and sports teams.

He said there were extremely offensive and impolite comments in the group. He deleted the conversation but one of the two men had taken a screenshot of the conversation and posted it in another group to humiliate the offender.

The court gave the two men a chance to reconcile before issuing an official verdict.

The Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution received 20 lawsuits against defamation via social media in the past six months.