Modi mesmerizes workers in Riyadh camp

Modi mesmerizes workers in Riyadh camp

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shares snacks with Indian workers of Larson and Tourbo at their camp on the outskirts of Riyadh on Saturday. — SG photo
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shares snacks with Indian workers of Larson and Tourbo at their camp on the outskirts of Riyadh on Saturday. — SG photo

Shams Ahsan

RIYADH — It is the smell of your sweat that has brought me here, said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a packed marquee of skilled and manual workers of Larson and Tourbo involved in the Riyadh Metro project.

Modi was visiting the workers residential complex on the outskirts of Riyadh on Saturday, the first day of his two- day official visit to the Kingdom.

“Your sweat not only feeds your family back home, but it also brings pride and honor to India,” said the prime minister to thunderous applause by the workers.

Giving references of history, he said that Indian workers had been involved in the development of many countries. He said Mauritius government has made a huge museum at the place where first Indians landed, giving history of Indians hands in the development of that country.

“You too will be remembered by the people of Riyadh for giving the city this metro,” he said to the chant of Modi, Modi.

He thanked Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman for hosting Indian workers. “Whenever I had the opportunity to talk to King Salman, he was always all praise for Indian workers. This makes me proud,” he said.

He announced two initiatives for the welfare of Indian workers in the Kingdom. One is the Indian welfare center and the other a 24×7 helpline desk.

The prime minister also informed the workers about two portals for their welfare — Madad and emigrate.

After his address, Modi freely interacted with the workers, shook hands with them and even had snacks with them.


  1. Economically, politically this may be true but socially it seems going backwards. Being the 2nd largest populated nation, PM Sahib should use his power & office to ensure that the whole population is to be taken care of. After PM assumed power, it looks like he is struggling to control the Sangh Pariwar forces who still adopt a policy of divide & rule. Muslims although have deviated from the true Islam still believe in “Life after Death” and they talk of it everyday. These muslims should not be isolated in the Indian society. It is the responsibility of the govt authorities to maintain the social harmony in a diverged society like India. Otherwise, it will create an unhealthy situation for the entire nation which will remove the state of “Peace” for all the people.

    • I think You have very wrong impression about Sangh Parivaar .Sangh ppl are available to help everyone durin any aggression manmade or naturemade. Only who are agressor can think sangh as wrong but they are like devdoot for sufferers. There is no place of hatred in training of Sangh except defence. Media and Congress are working on direction of divisive forces who do not like strong India and they are just creating wrong propganda against all type of nationalist developmental Ideas.

      • Mr. Mukti Singh, I feel pity if you really feel that way and if you are trying to spread lies, please note that the world knows the real face of RSS. To refresh your knowledge(assuming you are innocent) please read bunch of thoughts and other lectures, they are crooks and have not participated in Independence struggle, rather supported the oppressive British regime and now somehow they are ready to distribute Anti national certificates while overlooking thousands who died amongst muslim scholars to get independence . I feel its a disservice to the people. and I really feel Indians deserve better.

  2. Sir, sangh parivar impacting governance is a complete untrue statement propagated by the courtiers of most corrupt ruling establishment of UPA
    Today, majority of Indians talk about development and corruption free country….a sea change from casteist, communal and fear filled governance of many decades. All indians are with our PM in this endeavour.

    Regards, ashutosh

  3. Mr.Modi is just showing off ! if he would have been this much Mr.Nice Guy he might have created jobs back home in India

  4. congratulations Mr. PM ….excellent job done by you .
    after all one cant stop our journey to progress and prosperiety…
    we are with you dear sir …you are doing a commendable job ….salute

  5. Please don’t try to underestimate Mr. PM Modi. Give him an opportunity. Then, we can discuss after five years he wants or not

  6. Muslim brothers should keep this very important thing in back of their minds … If not more and that is PM talks about his people where ever he goes with the sense of belongingness or as else brother or as a father or as a well wisher. How difficult is it to understand it?…
    Did any other PM do so ever? The answer is NO…as no body took any Other PM serious ever nor the PM took the sweat of our hard working brothers serious too.
    Now let’s come to RSS. So let me remind u that RSS is not harmfull for any body accept the political parties other then BJP coz RSS is a strong political tool ,political campaigning tool. And all other political parties hate RSS just because of this. So always think of nation first not religion while casting ur precious votes. Jai hind.

  7. A man is known by his deeds not by words. World did not forget mass murder of humanity under his nose in Gujrat..

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