Motorist dies after hitting stray camel

Motorist dies after hitting stray camel

Motorist dies after hitting stray camel

RIYADH — A man died after his car slammed into a stray camel.
Riyadh Red Crescent spokesman Abdullah Al-Muraibidh said the victim was driving on the Makkah-Riyadh Highway when he crashed into a stray camel right after Al-Mashaailah Bridge.

The man’s car veered off the road and he died as a result of the accident.
In another major accident on Friday, three people were killed and two others injured in three-car pileup in the Eastern Province. Red Crescent spokesman Fahd Al-Ghamdi said the Red Crescent rushed to the scene of the collision on a highway north of Hafr Al-Batin. The Red Crescent and the Health Affairs Directorate transported the victims to King Khalid Hospital in Hafr Al-Batin.

Meanwhile, five people were injured in a road accident on Al-Sahel Road.
Makkah Red Crescent spokesman Dr. Taymour Jan said the Red Crescent responded to reports of an accident on Al-Sahel Road resulting in the injury of five people.

The victims suffered from mild and critical injuries. The victims were transported to King Abdulaziz Hospital for treatment.


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