Nabhaniya residents decry poor condition of abbatoir

Nabhaniya residents decry poor condition of abbatoir

Unhygienic conditions in the abattoir have made people of Nabhaniya upset. — Okaz photo
Unhygienic conditions in the abattoir have made people of Nabhaniya upset. — Okaz photo

By Abdullatif Al-Sulami

NABHANIYA – People of Nabhaniya, 140 km west of Buraidah, have complained about the unhygienic condition of the municipality’s slaughterhouse in Abanat, saying it was polluting environment while its workers engaged in various illegal and corrupt activities.

The residents urged the municipality to ensure the abattoir’s cleanliness and keep a close watch on its workers to prevent their excesses. However, the municipality has denied any wrongdoing by workers of the slaughterhouse as accused by citizens.

Mohammed Lafi Al-Rashidi emphasized the poor condition of the slaughterhouse. He accused that its foreign workers have been cheating customers by taking a portion of the slaughtered animal.

“I have experienced it a number of times. I hope the municipality would suspend such workers and make better arrangements to ensure the abattoir’s cleanliness,” Al-Rashidi told Okaz/Saudi Gazette.

Saleem Al-Mudaibery also spoke about the abattoir’s deteriorating condition. “A few weeks ago I noticed that its workers had hidden part of the sheep I purchased, after slaughtering. They told me the sheep is full but when I reached home I found some parts were missing.”

Al-Mudaibery then returned to slaughterhouse immediately to ask about the shortage. “They told me ‘we don’t know anything about it.’ Many residents have complained about such practices of workers and I hope the municipality would take action against such corrupt workers,” he added.

Mufleh Al-Rashidi complained that the abattoir’s cleanliness has become bad to worse. “You can see blood and animal skin spread all over the place giving nasty smell,” he said

Okaz/Saudi Gazette presented the complaints raised by Nabhaniya residents against the slaughterhouse in Abanat to Ahmed Bin Mughayyer, head of environmental health at the municipality, but he did not make any comment rather he asked the reporter to meet Mohammed Al-Rashidi, supervisor of the department for slaughterhouse affairs.

Al-Rashidi denied citizens’ complains as unfounded.