New rules for Zakat, tax collection OK’d

New rules for Zakat, tax collection OK’d

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman chairs the weekly session of the Cabinet at Al-Yamama Palace in Riyadh on Monday. — SPA

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The Council of Ministers on Monday approved new regulations to enable the General Authority of Zakat and Tax to carry out its main task of collecting Zakat and taxes in proper manner.

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman chaired the weekly session of the Cabinet at Al-Yamama Palace in Riyadh.

Adel Al-Turaifi, minister of culture and information, said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency following the session that the regulations allow the authority to establish companies in this respect, besides providing the best services to Zakat and tax payers.

There would be a Shariah panel, comprising of not less than five experts, under the authority to help it in carrying out its responsibilities in a prompt way. The Cabinet also endorsed another regulation to register all deeds owned by the state as state properties.

The Cabinet approved amendments in Article 32 of the bylaw for diplomatic jobs to increase the minimum experience for promotion of an attaché to third secretary from two years to three years.

The Cabinet made the amendment after examining a report presented by the minister of finance with regard to appointing diplomatic officials who are holders of bachelor degrees as attachés.

Another amendment in Article 14 of the bylaw was approved to the effect that those appointed on probation for two years can join a training program. It is not permissible to transfer them or entrust them with another job during that period.

The Cabinet reviewed the efforts and coordination between the Kingdom and Malaysia in completing the necessary procedures to establish King Salman Center for Global Peace in Kuala Lumpur in the near future. An announcement to this effect was made during the recent visit of King Salman to Malaysia.

Al-Turaifi said the Cabinet congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish people on the occasion of the successful conduct of the referendum.

The Cabinet denounced the suicide bombing targeting Syrian refugees in the towns of Al-Foa and Kafriya in the Idlib governorate that claimed the lives of scores of innocent civilians and injury of many others, describing the attacks as heinous terrorist crime in violation of all humanitarian and moral values.


  1. In my opinion, it is incorrect to have a General Authority for Zakat and Tax!
    Zakat is not a tax. Giving zakat is an act of worship. So it is wrong to combine the two.
    Zakat is what is due to Allah and tax is what the government imposes on its citizens for
    Providing various services.

    • In Sahih Muslim Book 1 Hadith 0029:
      Umar b. Khattab said to Abu Bakr: Why would you fight against the people, when the Messenger of Allah declared: I have been directed to fight against people so long as they do not say: There is no god but Allah, and he who professed it was granted full protection of his property and life on my behalf except for a right? His (other) affairs rest with Allah. Upon this Abu Bakr said: By Allah, I would definitely fight against him who severed prayer from Zakat, for it is the obligation upon the rich. By Allah, I would fight against them even to secure the cord (used for hobbling the feet of a camel) which they used to give to the Messenger of Allah (as zakat) but now they have withheld it. Umar b. Khattab remarked: By Allah, I found nothing but the fact that Allah had opened the heart of Abu Bakr for (perceiving the justification of) fighting (against those who refused to pay Zakat) and I fully recognized that the (stand of Abu Bakr) was right.

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