No clemency for violators of road rules: Traffic Police

No clemency for violators of road rules: Traffic Police

General Department of Traffic Saudi Arabia

RIYADH – The Traffic Department has clarified that it will not allow payment of fines in installments or cancel any part of accumulated fines of a motorist.

“We cannot give a specific timeframe for settling traffic disputes,” it added.

Answering queries from the public through its Twitter account, the Traffic Department said there is no provision to cancel fines accumulated by traffic violators in part or full, whatever maybe their value.

The department said people can raise objections against fines through the Absher system or the committee to settle disputes.

Answering another question it said: “The fine would be imposed if motorists make calls taking mobile phones in hands but if the conversation is through the phone’s speaker, no fined will be imposed.”

The Interior Ministry previously announced that motorists using mobile phones while driving would be jailed for 24 hours.

People asked different questions during the Twitter dialogue including about the formalities to get authorization to change a car’s look and about new traffic regulations.

Referring to medical checkup to be done before issuing driving license, the department said people can do such checkups at authorized medical centers that can send the results directly to the traffic department.

“The fine for the expiry of road license or istimara would be imposed after 60 days,” the department said. There are minimum and maximum punishments and the latter will be imposed after 30 days of the violation, it added.

It warned motorists against stopping on the pedestrian line at traffic lights, saying it would be considered a violation. Crossing the red light to give way for ambulances and other emergency vehicles would not be considered a traffic violation, it added.

Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s highest traffic accident rates. It witnesses about 1,400 accidents daily resulting in 20 deaths and 35 disabilities, according to statistics released by the department.

Social activist Tariq Al-Ghamdi said he considered vehicles driven by motorists speaking on their hand-held phones as “time bombs.”

Brig. Ali Al-Rashidi, director of traffic safety, said the use of mobile phone while driving is embedded within the list of traffic violations under the title, “The use of a hand mobile while driving,” which was added to the violations that pose risks and general safety hazards.