OIC urged to take collective action against Houthis

OIC urged to take collective action against Houthis

OIC urged to take collective action against Houthis
File Photo of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)


JEDDAH — The International Organization of Muslim Scholars (IOMS) has called on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to invite all its members to collectively stand against Houthis and their supporters.

The statement of IOMS, which is a Muslim World League wing, came in response to Houthis’ attempt to target Makkah. Thursday’s failed attack on the Holy City has shocked and angered Muslims worldwide.

“Saudis have learned to expect anything from Houthi militias being backed by Iran, but attacking the Holy City which belongs to all Muslims was something new and shocking to all of us, even the non-Muslim,” KSA9 News Channel editor Abdullah Al-Zahrani told Al Arabiya English.

“Just the willingness to harm the people and places in Makkah says a lot about how this group of people are not Islamic in nature because no Muslim would ever consider attacking such sacred places,” President of Kuwait’s Sharia Supervisory Board Dr. Sayed Mohammed Al-Tabtabai told Al Hadath.

Many social media users expressed their anger at the attempt to target Makkah. They created a hashtag questioning the faith of the Houthi rebels.

“Allah will destroy the group which launched a missile toward His House,” said Ohoud Saati, a Saudi mother working in the education sector.

Maha Fadl, another woman working in the private sector, quoted a verse of the Holy Qur’an: “They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah.”

“What kind of Islam are they following if they are trying to destroy the Holy City,” queried Hala Hanafiyyah, a Saudi woman working in the public sector.

Noha Ahmed, a housewife, expressed her utter anguish at Houthis’ attempt to target Makkah. “Allah will protect His House and Makkah,” asserted Mohammed Abdu, a dentist.


  1. The Holy Qur’an has pronounced that Makkah-our Prophet Muhammad Al-Mustafa’s birth place-is a Sacred City and it is respected by all Muslims. If Iran-backed Houthis militias are Muslims, they should also respect it for it is a part of the faith of a Muslim. If they call themselves Muslim, they must repent for their this evil act and they must not commit such evil act in future.

  2. If indeed, the attack towards Makkah is true, really, the attackers planned to start a war against Allah (S.W.T.), which they will surely be annihilated. May the Almighty continue to protect Holy Islamic sites for us and the benefit of entire universe, ameen.

  3. We told before that Allah SWT will protect the Holy Quran, the Holy Makkah and the Holy Madinah. But because of that the Muslims all over the world have no chance to sleep or snore. It is our holy duty to sacrifice our lives for the protection of Holy Sites. May Allah SWT Bless all of us with Lasting PEACE.

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