Over 1.2m die in road accidents annually

Over 1.2m die in road accidents annually


JEDDAH —  More than 1.2 million people die annually in road accidents, Makkah Arabic reported on Wednesday, citing data from Friends of the Red Crescent Committee.

The Committee head, Ahmad Al-Shaikha, said Saudi Arabia records 526,000 accidents annually with up to 17 deaths daily.

“A total of SR21 billion is spent annually on road accidents. Saudi Arabia is ranked 23rd on the list of countries witnessing the highest death rates in road accidents in the world. It is second among Arab countries in terms of road deaths,” said Al-Shaikha.

He also said the committee launched a campaign in cooperation with the Red Crescent and the Traffic Department.

“We need to raise awareness about road accidents and be more socially responsible. It is truly a social issue. The government loses a lot of money as a result of these accidents,” said Al-Shaikha.

He said that by raising awareness they hope to decrease the rate of injuries and deaths by 15 percent.

“Our campaign is a comprehensive program with volunteers transporting victims to hospitals in case the paramedics are late. We also stay beside the victims the moment they enter the hospital until they leave safe and sound with their families,” said Al-Shaikha.

He also said there must be stricter traffic regulations in order to decrease the rate of accidents.

“The road mapping needs to be improved and we need to join forces to provide safety for motorists, passengers and pedestrians,” said Al-Shaikha. Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry General Secretary Adnan Mandourah said the committee presented its campaign in a meeting held on Tuesday.

“The chamber supports any projects pertaining to social responsibility. The campaign is very comprehensive as it does not only promote awareness but also cooperates with the Traffic Department and the Red Crescent to help the victims of road accidents,” said Mandourah.

He said the Friends of the Red Crescent Committee mobilizes both the public and private sectors.

“The committee promotes volunteerism and the participation of citizens in humanitarian causes,” said Mandourah.


  1. 17 deaths daily is a very sad figure for preventable causes of death but how does this amount to 1.2 million deaths annually? Your figure should be 6200 deaths annually and may be out of 526,000 accidents 1.2 million people may be injured annually (including very minor injuries). Increasing public transport, encouraging cycling, walking on roads, and taxing big vehicles are some of the measure which the government must take to reduce the problem of traffic and road accidents. People must accept the fact that those days of 70’s and 80’s are gone when petrol was cheap, roads wide for existing traffic and a status symbol to have a big car instead of small one. People have to be realistic and stop wasting the blessings of Allah which has been showered hitherto uninterrupted.

  2. To turn this disaster into the right way there is more needed than only a publicity campagne.
    This need a complete 180 degrees turn in mentality of motorists, advanced thinking and thinking ahead of the possible consequences of their actions on the road. People standing at the extreme right side at a junction to turn left are obviously not the most bright drivers, not considering the consequences of their actions for themselves and for others. Taking over via the shoulder of the road the same. Motorists fight their personal frustrations in mini wars to other road users. Impatience is wide spread, speeding without patience from somewhere to nowhere, jeopardising road users. This mentality can only be turned for the better by harsh enforcement and publicity.

  3. multiple dead in single accident is cause of taking many person on a car even it is stronger car as the speed and over weight on the car load makes the car not controlable for a sudden encounter police must stop on highway car carrying more than it capacity

  4. I have just made my second visit to Jeddah, and this time, I rented a car from Avis and drove myself around and out of town for a meeting.
    Having driven all over the world including in London, the US, Indonesia’s Jakarta & Bandung, Southern Chinese cities of Shenzhen, Guangdong and more, Thailand and the Philippines, I would state that the driving in Jeddah and the out of town highways presents the greatest challenges to anyone who is on the road behind wheels.

    There is firstly no patience and many drivers simply do not follow the rules of the road, e.g. going into a roundabout or coming out of a side road into a main thoroughfare. If you do follow the rules of the road and await clearance before exiting yourself, the drivers behind start horning loudly to ask you to move out into oncoming traffic etc.

    Some drivers do not follow the fast and slow lanes on the highway and I encountered many occasions when drivers are zipping across 3 lanes while overtaking or exiting into the side slip lane etc etc. I am not surprised at the volume of accidents given this kind of driver behavior. On more than one occasion, I had to take evasive action and hit my brakes or, I would have been hit.

    Drivers visiting like myself should practice an alert form of defensive driving to survive on Saudi Arabia’s roads.

    I asked a few people who the main offenders comprise of and some said it was the foreign drivers who have licenses but are truly not qualified to drive. Others mentioned that these bad drivers were mainly local Saudi nationals and it was not conclusive.

    Anyone cares to comment on my observations?


  5. Its true 1.2 million killed only on road accident world wide but in 2020 it will reached on 1.3 million world wide, its came from WHO and world bank by surveying all over the world, it has been global problem, in Kingdom there should be more restriction on driving license system, not only assess participants on inside driving school area it should be all every where in roads. people are getting driving licences but they dont know how to drive on the road

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