Philippines blacklists 4 Saudi companies

Philippines blacklists 4 Saudi companies

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration official Angel Cruz discusses with a batch of Filipino workers in Jeddah the process of releasing the financial assistance promised by the Philippines government. — Courtesy GMA News
Overseas Workers Welfare Administration official Angel Cruz discusses with a batch of Filipino workers in Jeddah the process of releasing the financial assistance promised by the Philippines government. — Courtesy GMA News

JEDDAH — The Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has suspended its contracts with four Saudi companies after these companies “displaced” more than 11,000 Filipino workers, Manila Bulletin reported on Friday.

The newspaper quoted POEA Administrator Hans Cacdac as saying that other companies were also being probed for possible violation of POEA regulations for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

The four suspended firms are among the nine financially troubled Saudi companies which have been reported by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to have “displaced” at least 11,000 OFWs.

“We are investigating the other employers on that list and will take appropriate action, which includes suspension of deployment, if it is warranted,” Cacdac was quoted as saying.

Cacdac issued the clarification after migrant advocate group, United Overseas Filipinos Worldwide (U-OFW), claimed they received reports that some of the nine companies were still able to recruit Filipino workers despite their financial woes.

U-OFW convener John Monterona said vacationing workers of the beleaguered Saudi firms should also be warned since they are also at risk of being displaced.

“Even those OFWs working for the nine companies who are on leave and still vacationing in the Philippines should be properly advised,” Monterona said.

Meanwhile, Philippine officials in Jeddah have started the process of giving financial assistance to Filipino workers rendered jobless, according to GMA News.

It quoted Welfare Officer Angel Cruz as saying that officials have been meeting the affected workers in batches to explain to them the process of releasing the P26,000 promised to them by the government.

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) has also reportedly announced a grant of P500 million ($10.6 million) for the affected workers.


  1. Why are not Saudi Ministry of Labor or concerned authority taking any action on the violating employers?

    If someone entered a shop and taking things without paying, s/he will be arrested and charged with theft.
    Now, many employers in Saudi arbaia are taking advantage of the oil prices to refuse to pay salaries to stranded foreign employees, and it is surely a robbery.

    If the contactors did not receive the project costs from government funding, it is wrong of those contractors to make the foreign employees continue working without salary.

    If the contractors had falsely promised to pay the salaries to make them work, then, contractors must pay regardless of any payment from the govenrment.

    • Your right Mr. Abu Sim, the employer take advantages to the poor employees to work in their company without telling the situation of their company. they are not thinking they have family in their country waiting for their money to buy food and everyday living

  2. they did not mention the 4 Saudi company. how can they warn others.. and what if they are still recruiting OFW in spite of being blacklisted.

  3. Why POEA did not publish the names of these 4 Saudi Companies who were black listed?
    All OFWs, especially here in Saudi Arabia have the right to know which of these thousands of companies are guilty of bad treatment to our fellow OFWs.

  4. The names of the Black listed Companies should come to the press so that other people can be alert. Embassy must take effective measures to help these stranded sufferers.

  5. Wrong labour policy in Saudi Arabia — if workers iqama expire police arrest poor worker not employers

  6. they will use big company name such as TAMIMI and after u arrived in saudi you will be transfer to est.

  7. Anyway, why not change the headline to something like this “Philippines blacklists Saudi companies”?

    Since 4 companies weren’t mentioned, “4” doesn’t serve any purpose.

  8. Saudi companies have been struggling to pay foreign workers and have laid off tens of thousands, leaving many with no money for food let alone for tickets home. Riyadh- As the date on Saudi stock companies implementing international code on financial reporting approaches, Saudi local companies organized specialized …

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