Pakistan Ambassador Manzoor ul Haq giving shield to chief guest. — Courtesy photo

M. Tanvir Mian

RIYADH — Majlis-e-Pakistan and Pakistan Investors Forum arranged a welcome reception for Sen. Siraj ul Haq (Emir Jamaat E Islami Pakistan) here recently.

Pakistan Ambassador Manzoor ul Haq presided over the event that took place at Corporate Solutions Office (Knowledge Core Training Center) which is also functioning as Secretariat of Pakistan Investors Forum.

After recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an by Abdur Rahman, Shamshad Ali Siddiqui was invited to introduce the objectives of Pakistan Investors Forum.

In his speech, he pointed out that over $15 billion remittances from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan is being sent every year which is playing a vital role to fuel Pakistan economy.

On the contrary, with regrets, he stated that Overseas Pakistanis are not given due importance by the Pakistan government.

Whereas, other countries accord respect to their overseas workers and Investors and they are given privileged facilitation.

Moreover, Siddiqui drew the attention of Sen. Siraj to raise this point in Senate and other high level forums.

Further he demanded that Overseas Pakistanis must be allowed to cast their vote and elect their representatives for National Assembly and Senate of Pakistan.

Dr. Asif Queshi, president of Majli-e-Pakistan, welcomed the senator and Ambassador Manzoor and thanked them for sparing their valuable time to honor a collective reception of Majlis and PIF.

Dr. Asif briefed about their activities and brought to the knowledge of honorable guests and audience that besides inauguration of national days, their forum has been arranging seminars on national and international issues.

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