Public Prosecution gets more teeth: Lawyers

Public Prosecution gets more teeth: Lawyers

Public Prosecution gets more teeth: Lawyers

Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Lawyers on social media overwhelmingly praised the royal order to rename the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution (BIP) as Public Prosecution and bring it directly under the King.

“This is a very crucial shift in the judicial system,” said Abdul Rahman Allahim, a lawyer.

“What is more important than the change of name is that Public Prosecution is under the King and not under the Ministry of Interior. This means it is independent,” he said.

Asked about the significance of name change, he said: “Public Prosecution is the name commonly known in legal system in the world. It is important to go in line with international terminology.”

According to lawyer Adnan Al-Saleh, during the late King Abdul Aziz era it was known as Public Prosecution and was headed by Prince Faisal.

Bandar Al-Muharaj, another lawyer, said, “Bringing the renamed Public Prosecution under the King’s authority is a great shift.”


  1. For a Welfare State the Anti corruption agency and Public Prosecution Body must be strong and Independent. These commissions should be formed with tested Honest,Efficient and well Disciplined figures of the nation.

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