Rains bless Makkah

Rains bless Makkah

Rains bless Makkah

Heavy to moderate rain blessed the Holy City of Makkah and its adjoining areas Saturday morning. The rain was preceded by heavy lightning. Jeddah too witnessed lightning early Saturday morning. Some areas of the city received moderate showers. Jazan city and its adjoining areas also experienced heavy rain on Saturday. — SPA


  1. Just returning from my umrah trip. I witnessed the rain in Mecca with heavy wind, lightning and thunderbolt. It happened short after fajar salah. At some point wind was too heavy that the green plastic barriers skid from one point to another. Really the weather changed from warm to cool all of a sudden.

  2. Rain is from the Mercy of Allah and it has been sent to no better place than Makkah.
    Rain is one of the signs of Allah too. We know from history of rain been sent both as
    a blessing and as a punishment to people. Further we are told it is a good time for DUA.