Riyadh Emir receives security men who fought terrorists

Riyadh Emir receives security men who fought terrorists


RIYADH – Emir of Riyadh Province Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Bin Abdulaziz received on Monday at his office in Al-Hukm Palace here a number of security men who participated in the gun battle against two terrorists in Al-Yasmin District in northern Riyadh, resulting in the killing of the two terrorists.

Addressing the security men, Prince Faisal said: “You were sincere and brave in your work. You are everybody’s pride. Now we see our security operations getting coverage by the global media gaining praise in countries, some of which were ahead of us in training and follow up. But we have preceded them in many matters with firmness, resolve, sincerity and loyalty in such situations.”

Later on Monday, the Emir of Riyadh went to the hospital to visit the security man Corporal Jabran Jaber Awaji, who was injured during the confrontation with the two terrorists. He checked on Awaji’s health.

Prince Faisal described what Awaji and his colleagues carried out as “a heroic act” that was executed precisely and diligently.


  1. you deserve a salute

    you deserve a big post in police department.. salute to your strongness… Allah bless you and keep his mercy.

    yours wellwisher

  2. Brave security man done a great job, appreciated. God bless you achieve more victories in your life.

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