Roadmap for future

Roadmap for future

2nd anniversary of King Salman’s accession to the throne


Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman inaugurated the activities of the first year of the 7th session of the Shoura Council at its headquarters in Riyadh earlier this month.

The King’s highly-awaited address to the Shoura Council set the roadmap for the Kingdom’s domestic, foreign and economic policies.

“Our domestic policy is based on the pillars of security, stability and prosperity, diversifying the sources of income, and raising society’s productivity to meet the needs of the present and preserve the right of future generations,” the King said, addressing Shoura members.

“As you know, the world is experiencing severe economic fluctuations which have affected most countries and led to weak growth and drop in oil prices.

The State has sought to deal with these variables in a way that does not affect its objectives by taking a variety of measures to restructure the economy, some of which may be painful temporarily, but they are set to protect your country’s economy from the problems which were worse if we delayed them.

“During the past two years, we had faced those conditions through economic measures and reforms in which we re-distributed the resources fairly by providing an opportunity for economic growth and generating jobs. The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 comes in this context to raise the performance of State’s institutions for a better future and to achieve decent living for all citizens.”

King Salman said Vision 2030 consists of vast social, economic and development plans and programs aimed at preparing the Kingdom for a bright future. Its priorities include improving the performance of the government and private sectors, strengthening transparency and honesty, and improving spending efficiency by upgrading quality of services provided to citizens.

The Vision also aims at raising the percentage of non-oil exports, revenues and direct foreign investments, transition to advanced positions in the global competitive index, reducing unemployment, increasing the capacity to accommodate more Haj and Umrah pilgrims, raising the percentage of Saudis who own houses, increasing participation of women in the employment market, improving quality of health services, the King said, adding that some of the ministries and government bodies have been restructured to realize these goals of the vision.

“In the field of foreign policy, we will continue taking the approach of cooperation with the international community for world peace and promoting interaction to consolidate values of tolerance and coexistence. We believe that the option of a political solution to international crises is the perfect solution to achieve the aspirations of people for peace.

“We will not allow terrorist organizations or those who stand behind them to exploit our people to achieve suspicious goals in our country or in the Arab and Islamic world. In spite of tragedies, killings and displacements being experienced by our region, I am optimistic about a better tomorrow, God willing.”

The King said, “Terrorists attempted to undermine the security and stability even in the holiest places of Islam including the vicinity of the Prophet’s Mosque. These criminals failed to achieve their nefarious goals, thanks to the cooperation of citizens with the government, and vigilance and courage of the security forces.

“We are determined to confront terror and its dangers. We won’t show any leniency in enforcing the rule of law against those who tamper with the Kingdom’s security and capabilities.”