Run away workers won’t be allowed to enter KSA

Run away workers won’t be allowed to enter KSA

A Passports Department officer checks the residence identities (iqamas) of expats in this file photo.
A Passports Department officer checks the residence identities (iqamas) of expats in this file photo.

JEDDAH — Workers who run away from their sponsors and declared Huroob will never be allowed to return to the Kingdom, Al-Madina Arabic daily quoted Director of Makkah passports police Maj. Gen. Khalafallah Al-Tuwairqi as saying on Sunday.

He said that any expat who runs away from Saudi sponsor (Huroob) will be fined SR100,000, deported and banned from entering the Kingdom again.
Al-Tuwairqi said that as many as 480,000 expatriates, who violated the laws of residency and work in Makkah region, were deported last year.

He told the newspaper that 16,386 expatriates and Saudis, including women, were fined for transporting or sheltering illegal expatriates.

Tuwairqi said that some expatriates were staying in the Kingdom with expired visit visas and that some of their dependents were employed which was against the law.

The director warned Saudi nationals against harboring or transporting illegal expatriates and said they might be fined up to SR100,000,
imprisoned for about two years, face the closure of their establishments and prevented from recruitment for five years.

“If you shelter, transport or employ illegal expatriates you will face grave consequences,” he warned both the Saudis and legally residing expatriates.

“Umrah pilgrims who remain in the Kingdom after the expiry of their visas will be considered illegal overstayers and dealt with accordingly,” he said.


  1. I believe that this is fair! It should put things back to the right track. The sponsor spends too much money to get a helper and then the helper (male or female) decides to run away to another sponsor who will pay him/her some extra riyals; or work for his/her OWN business. The sponsor here is left without compensation. Still, though, the system is not clear when it comes to paying for the helper’s ticket. In the past, the sponsor had to pay for the ticket of his run away helper! Wish this also has changed!

  2. Its a good decission if the employee is absconding. Usually this law is misused by many sponsors. Now they had got a good chance to get rid of their employee, whom they don’t like or any other matter. There should be strict rule before giving huroob to the employee. Otherwise this rule will be misused a lot

  3. For Huroob Sponsors are also responsible. If the the employee does not get salary he should complain to the MOL & SD first. Then the law will take its own course. But practically we hv to think how long an employee will wait without work or salary !! Definitely he has to work somewhere to survive till the decision is coming from Maktab Al Amal.

  4. If this rule implements so employer will keep always under pressure to his employees by saying if you ask anything I will do huroob for example when employee ask Salary employer will start threat I will do huroob, when employee will ask to go on vacation employer will start threat I will do huroob. Law should be introduced with equality either parties instead one sided. When employee is unsatisfied with employer on prior agreed terms & conditions in agreement, then only employee forced to take such wrong step of escaping. What suppose employee do ? In the most cases Employer only forced to employee to escape & then take support of law against him like Huroob or theft etc., etc…

  5. It is another headache to workers who built this nation. First the government shall investigate the shortnesses of the ‘kefala’ system. How many sponsers are responsible and keen to respect the rules and regulations of the Kingdom? The dipartment should reconsider its dicission b4 going to impliment it. an expat with a monthly salary of 700 SAR could not pay the penalities that the General speaks out.

  6. Huroob is a one-way sword, which is used VERY UNFAIRLY by the sponsors. I know instances, where the sponsor did not pay salaries, and when the employee complains, he puts them on huroob. Another case, where the employee was sick and could not attend phone calls, and the sponsor complained that employee was absconding. Mostly, the sponsors put huroob if the employee does not pay them what they ask for.
    The Government MUST PUT AN END TO THIS DISCRIMINATION. The sponsor should have to submit ample documentary proof before he can put huroob on a person.

    Please stop using the word KAFEEL. This i suitable for ALLAH, and not for humans.

  7. To deal with this issue is very simple, let the authorities increae salary for the legal workers and force employers to pay illegal workers less than 500 SAR and any employer found paying the illegal worker more than 500 should face the charges named in this article. In this case the employees will have no choice but either to work legally or surrender themselves to the authorities.

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