Saudi put on trial for setting fire on Indonesian wife of 21...

Saudi put on trial for setting fire on Indonesian wife of 21 years

The Indonesian woman with her children at the court in Jeddah. — Okaz photo

By Adnan Al-Shabrawi and Arwa Khushaifati
Okaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — A court in Jeddah held a hearing on Wednesday in the case of an Indonesian woman who accused her Saudi husband of setting her on fire following a dispute between them.

The Indonesian woman has been married to the Saudi for 21 years and they have two children together. She said he had poured gasoline on her and set her on fire after a quarrel. She said she suffered from second degree burns on her face, head, eye, back and hands.

The husband denied the woman’s charge that he had set her on fire. He accused her of taking his children from him.

The court looked into the husband’s medical reports and found he suffered from chronic depression yet has no medical reason to be excused for committing a crime.

On Monday, four committees were formed at the National Committee for the Care of Inmates and Their Family to defend the Indonesian woman legally and ensure her justice.

The committee questioned the woman extensively. The members looked into all social and medical reports related to the case. The committee found that she and her two children did not have a residence and were surviving on meager donations.

Head of the national committee Ashraf Al-Siraj, lawyers Siraj Sirti, Muwafaq Shaffi, Nisreen Al-Ghamdi, Eman Al-Salmi, Hanouf Al-Rab’ and Elham Yassen, Aisha Ibrahim representing the Family Protection Society, legal consultant Nujoud Qassim, and Khadija Al-Farasani from Takamul Initiative for Legal Aid attended the meeting.

Al-Siraj said the committee had a team of lawyers representing the victim in the Criminal Court and the Personal Status Court. The team filed a lawsuit to claim private rights for the victim. It has also asked the hospital to run another checkup on the victim and submit an updated medical report on her health condition.

The Family Protection Society also confirmed that it was dealing with the victim’s case.


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