Saudi-US joint statement emphasize need to contain Iran

Saudi-US joint statement emphasize need to contain Iran


Saudi Gazette report

Riyadh — Saudi Arabia and the United States have released a joint statement emphasizing the threat of Iranian interferences in the region after concluding meetings in Riyadh during a two-day summit.

The statement called the agreements a path toward a “a new strategic 21st century partnership” between both countries after US President Donald Trump concluded his visit to Riyadh as part of his first foreign visit since taking power.

Below are key points of the joint statement.

• Work on new initiatives to counter extremism and terrorist financing.

• Strengthen defense cooperation and counter threats to the Middle East.

• Focus on creating a unified and strong regional security infrastructure.

• Recognize Saudi Arabia’s efforts to counter terrorist organizations.

• Strength cooperation between the international coalition and the Islamic coalition against Daesh.

• The need to contain Iran’s interventions and its policy to ignite sectarian strife across the region.

• Emphasize that Iran’s regional interventions pose a threat to the region and the world.

• Agreement on the need to review some of the terms of the nuclear agreement with Iran.

• Agreement on the need to work together to resolve the crisis in Yemen.

• Support the American raid on the Syrian airfields airport.

• Support the efforts of the Lebanese state to impose its sovereignty and disarm the Hezbollah terrorist group.

• The importance of working to stop Iranian interference in Iraqi affairs