Civil Status Department starts issuing “family registry” for Saudi mothers

Civil Status Department starts issuing “family registry” for Saudi mothers


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH – The Civil Status Department has started issuing family registry for the married, divorced or widowed Saudi women so as to enable them finalize their procedures and paperworks at the government or private departments which require them to present a family registry to prove the identities of their dependents.
The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said the move was in line with the instructions of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, deputy premier and minister of interior, to facilitate the procedures for all categories of citizens.

Mohammed bin Jasser Al-Jasser, spokesman of the department, said the decision will facilitate the procedures for Saudi women and protect their rights.

He said the Saudi woman can now obtain an official document containing all the details of her dependents and can, therefore, approach any sector which demands the approval of the identities of the dependents.

He said the new registry will not carry the photo of the Saudi woman but the names and civil records of her dependents.

Jasser, however, said obtaining a national identity card is a condition for getting the family registry.

He said the issuance of the family registry will be made according to a scheduled appointment  on the department’s website.


  1. We thank to our beloved king and crown prince for there kind heart and help to us. And we request them to please grant our children Saudi nationality just like children of Saudi men. After we are divorced or widowed our children have only us to stay with and they have no link with there fathers country. In many cases even there father was born in Saudi Arabia and have no link to the country of his passport. So where our children will go? We are again very very thankful to authorities for there favors and kindness.

  2. Yes, I am a saudi mother and request are beloved king salman to please grant our children who were born and lived in this country all their lives saudi nationality so they can continue living in this safe and secure country, Saudi Arabia.

  3. Saudi mother’s should be able to give the Saudi nationality to their daughters ,following a divorce or the death of her husband where would the girl go ? If she is not married and her Saudi mother dies ?
    A boy can go anywhere on his own to work or study but how about the girl ? I humbly ask the Saudi authority to view my comment and consider doing something about it .

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