Saudi women now work at airports

Saudi women now work at airports

The move is in line with ‘Vision 2030’

Saudi women have now become an integral part of the airport staff. — Courtesy photo
Saudi women have now become an integral part of the airport staff. — Courtesy photo

JEDDAH – Saudi women are now in the front rows of airports guiding passengers. This became possible after years of they asking those interested in the development of women’s work to widen the scope and include them in all sectors that need a female cadre for customer services.
The move is in line with “Vision 2030” that includes a dramatic outline for the development of women’s work.

To know about their experience, Al-Madinah daily met with a group of female employees who work in this field.

Asrar Mushee said: “I am proud of being one of the first Saudi girls in a new field entirely for women in the aviation industry, and specifically in the airport.

“It is a challenge to prove our capabilities and to prove to the community and the whole world that we are capable of success and innovation in all areas when we have the opportunity, and from my experience I can say: It is distinctive since we serve passengers, visitors and make them feel satisfied with what we are giving them.”

Mai Farhat says: “I thank the company for giving us a chance to attend this high-level work and intensive training, especially since this is a great achievement to prove skills and capabilities of the Saudi girl.”

Abrar Saidi said: “We thank God and then Arabia Gulf Air, which embraced this idea.”

Samer Abdul Salam Al-Majali, CEO of Arabia Gulf Air, says: “The company has a headstart in employing women, which includes 10 employees working under the name of “airport movement employee” and we are working to raise the number to 21 at the end of March 2017.

He said the company entrusted several tasks to female employees that were reserved for men in the past such as data input and passengers information verification, boarding passengers and providing services to first-class passengers, families and people with special needs.

He stressed that the company has worked on choosing the right employees and providing them with intensive training so they can be equipped to address the difficulties that they will face as the first group of women in the field.

“The company is keen on empowering female employees,” he added.


  1. Saudi vision 2030 is the great Project by Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman who understand the situation of many aged and unmarried, divocred and widowed Saudi women who are the main breadwinner to make ends meet for her children and family members.
    Now, those women can earn and live a dignified life working and being in charge of their own lives, to be part of the drving workforce.

    There are married Saudi women and single daughters/widowed mothers who are well-provided by their responsible Saudi husbands, fathers and sons.

  2. Wow, a woman working in an airport. I suppose one day the Saudis will catch up with the rest of the world but by then AI will have taken over all the mundane jobs like checking passports & boarding cards. What would be a significant mile stone would be a woman in the left hand seat in the cockpit.

  3. Ministry of Labor must impose a condition on female employment that the saudi women in financial needs should be given priority for jobs, after checking the household income (stay at home? with husband? with father? total income of the household? etc).
    There have been many Saudi women who are well-off and are taking these jobs..
    Guardianless Saudi women should be given priority for simple jobs like this, after giving them training.

  4. Very Very GOOD decision great opportunity for women’s, of many aged and unmarried, divorced and widowed Saudi women who are the main breadwinner to make ends meet for her children and family members.

  5. Self-supporting themselves (women) is the great leap in developing a nation;The Custodian of the two Holy Mosque and the Deputy Crown Prince have realized the timely need of the present era.
    Women of this country are a strong force in propelling the right image of the society.

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