Security patrol hit with RPG

Security patrol hit with RPG

Security man killed, 5 hurt in Awamiyah attack

Mark of an RPG attack

By Mishal Al-Otaibi
Saudi Gazette

Riyadh — A Saudi security man working for special emergency services was killed and five of his colleagues were injured after terrorists attacked them using an RPG.

An interior ministry spokesperson said the solider was part of a patrol unit in Al- Mosouwarah neighborhood, which is undergoing development, when terrorists fired on them late on Monday night.

Walid Gathian Al-Shibani

The soldier was identified as Walid Gathian Al-Shibani.

The attack comes just days after terrorists targeted a development project in the same neighborhood where laborers working on a development project were targeted.

A Saudi child and a Pakistan expat were killed and 14 others injured in that attack.

“The neighborhood has come under heavy attack in recent days from terrorist elements inside Al-Mosouwarah.

Al-Mosouwarah is one of Qatif’s oldest neighborhoods where many buildings are 100 years old.

A development project in the neighborhood involves demolishing 488 residential units and the construction of shopping centers, restaurants, residential towers and a cultural center.


  1. I have all the sympathies with the family of the deceased. Killers should not be spared as killing of one is killing of humanity as my prophet Mohammad PBUH has taught us.

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