Selective tax not yet implemented: Ministry

Selective tax not yet implemented: Ministry

Ministry of Finance

RIYADH – The Ministry of Finance clarified on Wednesday that it has not yet started applying the selective tax on some goods such as soft drinks, energy drinks, and tobacco and its derivatives, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The tax will be imposed after the ratification of the uniform agreement on selective tax and the issuance of the domestic rules of procedure in line with the decisions adopted by the Supreme Council of Gulf Cooperation Council leaders during its 36th session held in December 2015 and 37th session held in December 2017, the ministry announced.

The date for the implementation of the tax will be announced after completing the legal ratification procedures.

The proposed date for its implementation is April 2017, the statement added.


  1. We are more worried about the tax to be imposed on expats / dependents starting from 01 July 2017. Please update whether Wife is included as dependents or only (18 years plus children).

  2. How about a excess tax on any vehicle or items that are deemed luxury non essential items? This list of a few things wont pay the bills folks.

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