Shoura Council approves law for distribution of dry gas

Shoura Council approves law for distribution of dry gas

Shoura Council

RIYADH – The Shoura Council on Monday approved a draft law for the distribution of dry gas and liquefied petroleum gas for the residential and commercial purposes.

Yahya Al-Samaan, assistant president of the council, said that the council took the decision after listening to a report, prepared by the economy and energy committee after taking into account of the viewpoints and opinions of members during the deliberations at the council.

The session was chaired by the council Deputy President Muhammad Al-Jafri.
The draft law, read out by Dr. Nura Al-Yousef, aims at prudent use of energy in a way preserving the environmental security and a better investment environment with making available of this service to a wider section of the society.

The council also approved a draft memorandum of understanding signed last year between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health and Welfare in South Korea for cooperation in the health sector.

Al-Samaan said the council discussed the annual report of the Ministry of Housing presented by the committee for Haj, housing and services at the council. The committee recommended the council to expedite measures for the delivery of housing units for the citizens with removing hurdles in getting direct loans from the Real Estate Development Fund. It underlined the need for giving priority in giving loans to citizens rather than financing real estate developers. The committee urged the ministry to speed up the procedures to establish the National Housing Research and Monitoring Center.


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