Shoura seeks reducing time between calls for prayer to 5 minutes

Shoura seeks reducing time between calls for prayer to 5 minutes


RIYADH – The Shoura Council on Monday urged the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance to carry out studies about reducing the time difference between the first call for prayer (adhan) and second call for prayer (iqamah) to five minutes in mosques close to souks and commercial centers.

The Council session, chaired by its President Abdullah Al-Asheikh, called on the ministry to take urgent steps to print copies of the Holy Qur’an in Braille at King Fahd Qur’an Printing Complex in Madinah.

Yahya Al-Samaan, assistant president of the Council, said that the Council made this call after listening to the report of the committee for Islamic and judicial affairs, which was prepared after taking into account of the opinions of the members on the annual report of the ministry.

The Council also demanded the Ministry of Finance to increase allowances of imams, preachers, muezzins and workers of mosques across the Kingdom.


  1. So good to hear about allowances to masajid caretakers. May Allah give more strength to them…

  2. Cutting time from the most beloved places to Allah (the mosques) and giving it to the most hated places to Allah (the markets)!

  3. 5 mts is too early yes one can get prepared 5 mts or so before the adhaan instead of waiting for adhaan to be called and after adhaan 7-10 mts ok reasonable for all salah

  4. This is not a matter for SHOURA Council. It is a matter for Ministry of Religious Affairs
    I fully endorse comment of MH and. !!!

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