SMC highlights work done to boost learning

SMC highlights work done to boost learning

Pakistan International School (Azizia), Jeddah


SMC highlights work done to boost learning School Management Council (SMC) came into being in 2001, as a result of Royal Decree of King of Saudi Arabia. According to it all the international schools will be run by SMC’s whose children will be studying in the school. The schools will be supervised by Saudi Ministry of Education.

The present SMC was selected in 2012, by Consulate General of Pakistan and notified by Ministry of Education, Jeddah. Since then it has been working honestly, dedicatedly, laboriously and efficiently without any personal benefits from the school as it is a volunteer job.

Soon after the notification of SMC, it was kept engaged in certain legal issues against the school and SMC themselves. They were kept from working for the progress of school. SMC took courage and did not submit before the evil forces. Not only SMC deal with these enemies of school, they did some outstanding deeds for the school as well which will always be remembered.

They are as follows: –

Keeping in view that school was facing a lot of legal cases. SMC contacted and hired a competent lawyer for the school who dealt with the cases successfully.

School accounts had not been audited for the last five year so SMC got them audited from 2008 to 2015.

SMC kept the capital of school in “Quafil Investment Fund” in Bank Al-Jazira due to which the school saved more money than ever before.

SMC has always strived to provide as many facilities to the parents as possible.

The iqamas of more than 80 employees were transferred in the name of school.

Previously the non school iqama holding employees of PIS (Azizia), Jeddah, were not paid house rent which was not suitable in any way so SMC took a wise decision and approved house rent for non school iqama holders as well.

Feeling the shortage of staff (teaching and non teaching) SMC in coordination with Consulate General of Pakistan, Jeddah made recruitment on merit bases. Hence, the deficiency of staff was made up.

SMC realized that the salaries of school employees were not enough for them. Keeping in view for their financial problems, SMC made an increase in their basic salaries by 20% after that the school staff felt very much satisfied and delighted.

In the four years tenure of SMC they purchased 35 brand new coasters to provide conveyance facilities to the students because a lot of students were deprived of conveyance facilities because of shortage of coasters.

Despite that dearness is increasing day by day, SMC did not increase either the school tuition fee OR bus fee. This decision of SMC was widely appreciated by the parents of Pakistani Community.

Previously SMC had decreased the annual increments from 20 to 15 but this SMC restored the previous number of increments as 20.

SMC decided to give one basic salary to all the employees of school without any discrimination one basic salary as housing aid.

Since December 2012, there was old and broken furniture in the school so 1,300 new chairs and tables were purchased for the students.

During the Summer Vacation 2016, the school is being repaired and painted as it had not been painted since long. Some new additions in toilets have also been made.

New ACs and Split Units have been ordered to replace the old and noisy ones.

School has always strived to adopt electronic measures, which are an important need of the time to provide urgent and important information to the parents. SMC got started “Mobile Messaging Service” through which parents get messages from school in a matter of seconds. The parents are informed immediately if and when their wards are absent from school.

The refresher courses for teaching staff are very important so SMC started a program by the name of “Ideas Plus” and the teachers are provided refresher courses.

Drivers, Security Guards are provided with uniform to create uniformity in the school.

Token system at Fee Counters has been launched so that the parents do not have to wait in queues.

Reception Office has been shifted at Gate No.1, where parents and students get all the required information.

One window operation for Records Section and Federal Board Office has been installed.

Proper signboards have been installed for the guidance of parents to the relevant offices.

CCTV cameras have been installed in the offices and corridors to monitor the activities of school employees, which has enhanced their efficiency.

Last but not the least School Management Council (SMC) is fully determined to provide the best facilities to the parents and students as well as school employees. The students of this school are already getting admissions in top ranking professional colleges and universities. But now this number will be increased manifold.

We believe that work is worship and we will leave no stone unturned in the service of Pakistan Community.


  1. Anything for the betterment of students’ education is of course reward able if not today then definitely in the future, the best target should be to bring out the best performances from the capacities of each & every student & to prepare them to become a role model for their own institution wherever they are studying & for the rest of the communities.

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