SR500 fine for placing brochures at doorsteps

SR500 fine for placing brochures at doorsteps

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs Abdullatief Al-Asheikh has issued directive to all mayoralties and municipalities across the Kingdom to ban distribution of marketing brochures and promotional and advertisement bills at doorsteps of homes and public places.

Violators will face fines amounting to a total of SR500 plus other penalties specified for violation of municipal rules.

This directive is part of containing environmental pollution and maintaining public hygiene, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

According to the minister’s directive, punitive measures will be taken against individuals, companies and commercial establishments and shops in both the wholesale and retail sectors for committing such violations.

Placing brochures and leaflets containing marketing promotion in front of residential buildings and at doorsteps as well as at public places will no longer be allowed.  Similar is the case with sticking bills in public places with the purpose of promoting any products or services.

The penalties will be linked to Saudi IDs or residence permits (iqamas) of violators on the basis of phone numbers given in promotional material.


  1. Brochures are a good way of getting to know the on going discounts at various stores, without actually having to visit the store. This avoids the inconvenience for the individual and conserves precious resources. Most stores do not update their brochures online and internet on mobiles is still one of the most expensive in the world.

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