Top businessman found dead in mysterious circumstances

Top businessman found dead in mysterious circumstances

Dead Body

JEDDAH – Police have intensified investigations into the mysterious death of a prominent businessman in Jeddah.

Jeddah Police have constituted a special investigation team to unravel the mystery behind the death of the businessman, Al-Madina newspaper reported quoting police sources.

The body of the businessman was found inside a sack at his home in Al-Rawda district of north Jeddah on Saturday with a rope tied around his neck.

The businessman was alone in the house as his Moroccan wife and children were outside the Kingdom.

Security officers questioned the guard of the businessman›s villa and received detailed information about all people who had visited the villa to meet the businessman before his suspected murder.

Forensic experts visited the scene and lifted fingerprints and other pieces of evidence, the newspaper added.


  1. For sure, someone from higher level might have involved in this case. Almighty Allah is great and those guilty criminal(s) should be punished…

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