Trump wants NATO-like force for the Middle East

Trump wants NATO-like force for the Middle East


Trump wants NATO-like force for the Middle EastBy Nadia Bilbassy

A SENIOR White House official told Al Arabiya News Channel’s correspondent in Washington on Thursday that US President Donald Trump wants to set up a NATO-style security organization in the Middle East.

The official, who spoke with a small group of journalists and did not want to make his name public, said Trump is going to announce the formation of the regional security organization during his visit to Saudi Arabia.

The framework and structure of this organization will be established after eliminating Daesh (the so-called IS) to bring stability and security to the region through a joint security coalition that includes many of Washington’s allies, according to the source.

He added that the entity will also enhance and create employment and investment opportunities, which will boost a state of prosperity that will help economic growth, reconstruction, the return of refugees and will also put an end to conflicts.

The official said to a small group of journalists that “empowering Iran at the expense of US allies coupled with a declined the US leading role in the region has resulted in causing a lack of confidence.

Thus, the plan for the US president was to visit Saudi Arabia “first and to collaborate with Saudi officials to build strong relations and President Trump communicated this message during Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s visit to Washington.”

The official added that the administration of President Trump is not at war with Muslims but against extremism and radicalism.

The official praised the Saudi stand and described it as a “catalyst for achieving the vision of President Trump to eliminate Daesh and that there is a real mutual desire to within the administration of President Trump to collaborate in order to achieve these goals.”

He added that Saudi Arabia “as the leader of the Islamic world was able to invite 54 countries to attend the summit and that President Trump will address the Islamic world to confirm that the battle is not between the West and Islam, but rather between the forces of good and the forces of evil.”

The senior official stressed that there is a need to confront Iran and to build alliances with the Gulf countries to limit and block its interference in the region.

He added that there are many economic deals to be signed with an investment of $200 billion, which will create jobs for both Saudi and American youth, This initiative was discussed when Crown Prince Muhammad visited Washington and spoke with President Trump.

The official revealed that the administration will seal arms deals with Saudi Arabia at a value of $300 billion in stages, out of which a $109 billion to be signed at the end of the summit.

According to a Washington Post report, discussions of the project said that in addition to Saudi Arabia, initial participants in the coalition would include the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan, with the United States playing an organizing and support role while staying outside of the proposed alliance. — Al Arabiya English