Twin Saudi brothers die in Istanbul attack

Twin Saudi brothers die in Istanbul attack

Mohammed and Ahmed Saud Al-Fadl
Mohammed and Ahmed Saud Al-Fadl

By Ibrahim Alawi

JEDDAH — Mohammed and Ahmed Saud Al-Fadl, Saudi twin brothers, were always together, even at the time of death when a terrorist gunned down 39 people including the twins in Istanbul on Sunday.

The 24-year-old twins were spending some quality time together in Istanbul after graduating from a university.

Their eldest brother Amr said the twins traveled to Istanbul for tourism.
Amer said the Saudi Embassy in Ankara informed them about the death of the twins in the attack.

He did not know when the bodies would be flown to the Kingdom but said they were presently being kept at the forensic department in Istanbul.

Lubna Ghaznawi, a 24-year-old Saudi girl, also died in the attack in which about 11 other Saudis were injured, her sister Mayadah announced.

She said Lubna was with two of her girl friends when the attack took place.

Mayadah said one of her sister’s friends, Nura Badrawi died later of her injuries.

The Saudi consul in Istanbul, Abdullah Al-Rashidan, said the consulate is working around the clock to help its citizens, and called on any citizen who has been harmed to contact the consulate immediately either through the phone or through the consulate’s website or Twitter account.

A gunman stormed the Reina club, one of Istanbul’s most exclusive nightspots, and went on a shooting rampage inside, according to Turkish officials who said the 39 dead included at least 15 foreigners.


  1. Ibrahim Alabi, can you please explain what “Quality Times” in a Night Club is?

    Meanwhile may Allah have mercy on the souls of the dead Muslims in the attack.

  2. We are heavily shocked at this heinous attack. A Muslim can neither be a Terrorist nor a Terrorist can be a Muslim. It’s a basic & simple equation.
    We pray to Allah SWT for the mercy of the dead people.

  3. May Allah have mercy on them and all other Muslims that lost their lives.
    We hail Saudi Arabia authorities for curtailing vices to the minimal level possible and we call on Saudi citizens to take that as a blessing from Allah. They should use that bounty wisely and stop chasing vices by visiting other countries that allow it.
    We are here hoping that one day, the Shari’ah of Allah will rule our life.
    May Allah forgive them and make Jannatul Firdaus their final aboard. We ask Allah to overlook their shortComings and accept their good deeds they are His slaves may He have mercy on them!

  4. May Allah forgive their sins and may Allah keep us steadfast in our deen and let death see us in better places that a club.

    • GOD!!! What is this obsession with clubs? People had their lives unfairly cut short. Is that not more of a cause to dedicate words to?

  5. Nobody has a right to judge or say they asked for it because they went to a nightclub/restaurant & nobody has a right to mock these innocent people for being murdered & dying where they did! So be quiet..!

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