Vision for a vibrant Saudi Arabia

Vision for a vibrant Saudi Arabia

2nd anniversary of King Salman’s accession to the throne


“Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030” was adopted as a methodology and roadmap for economic and developmental action in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In its aim to grant the Kingdom a leading position in all fields, Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 sought to identify the general directions, policies, goals, and objectives of the Kingdom.

Accordingly, some ministries, institutions, and government entities underwent a restructuring process to align them to the requirements of this phase. This would enable them to perform their tasks, and expand their competencies.

Ultimately, this will enhance the level and quality of services provided to beneficiaries; and achieve a prosperous future and sustainable development. The Council of Ministers has tasked the Council of Economic and Development Affairs with establishing and monitoring the mechanisms and measures necessary for the implementation of “Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030”.

“Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030” encompasses — in a number of domains — strategic objectives, targets, outcome-oriented indicators, and commitments that are to be achieved by the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. The Council of Economic and Development Affairs has established an effective and integrated governance model. This model aims to translate the Vision into various implementation programs that will accomplish its goals and directions. Such programs will rely on new operating models customized to the requirements of each program, as well as the common national goals related to the Vision. The programs will be launched successively, according to the requirements of “Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030”.

To this end, the Council established a number of bodies that will enable and support the launching, monitoring, and evaluation of these programs, as well as the release of new programs in the future. These bodies include the National Center for Performance Measurement, the Delivery Unit, and the Project Management Office of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs.

The Vision’s governance model promotes efficient planning within government agencies and boosts coordination among them in order to achieve common national goals. It also guarantees speedy completion of projects and initiatives and achieves sustainable action and impact through regular implementation reviews and performance evaluations.

The Vision is built around three themes: A vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation.

This first theme is vital to achieving the Vision and a strong foundation for economic prosperity.

In the second theme, a thriving economy provides opportunities for all by building an education system aligned with market needs and creating economic opportunities for the entrepreneur, the small enterprise as well as the large corporation.

The third theme is built on an effective, transparent, accountable, enabling and high-performing government.

In each of these themes, a selection of commitments and goals has been highlighted.

How to achieve Vision 2030

A comprehensive and ambitious Vision for Saudi Arabia until the year 2030 has been outlined. It is the first step on a journey toward a better, brighter future for the country and citizens. To achieve aspirations and hopes, many transformative programs have been launched. These include, but are not limited to the following:

The Government Restructuring program:

Around the world, governments are organizing themselves with agility, continuously restructuring and aligning their systems to national priorities.

The Strategic Directions program:

Existing roles have been reviewed to align with future economic and social needs.

The Fiscal Balance program:

After the Council of Economic and Development Affairs was established, existing capital expenditures, their approval mechanism and their measureable economic impact are being examined. Committees have been formed and introduced new departments. They are tasked with reviewing relevant regulations and taking the necessary action on the expenditures.

The Kingdom’s agencies are currently undergoing a wave of reforms and transformation.

The Regulations Review program:

Over the past year, many current laws have been reviewed and new laws enacted. These include the company law, the non-governmental organizations’ law, the law concerning fees on non-used lands, the General Authority for Endowments (Awqaf) law, among others.

The Performance Measurement program:

The principle of performance measurement has been adopted, and made sure it is properly used in our evaluation of all government agencies, their programs, initiatives and executives. The Center for Performance Management of Government Agencies has been established to institutionalize these efforts for the long-term and built performance dashboards to promote accountability and transparency.

The Strategic Partnerships program:

Growing ties with economic partners around the world to build new strategic partnerships for the twenty-first century, in harmony with our national Vision.

The Privatization program:

The program for Strengthening Public Sector Governance:

Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, second deputy premier, minister of defense and president of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, stressed that Saudi Vision 2030 constitutes a roadmap for the Kingdom’s development and economic objectives for the next 15 years.


  1. Why do we have to Suffer? Even after all this I am willing to stay in the Kingdom for the Love of Islam and It as It is my home and my Birthplace but the risk of losing it for not being A Saudi is unbearable. I could be asked to leave the country whenever they wish and do not have a guarantee of permanent residence which make me cry because I love my home. Why do you do this? Islam teaches us to be united and together why do you name us as expats. Tax both Saudis and Expats, which would mean equality. I love you Saudi Arabia but living there without any benefit would be stupidity but just for the Love of this Country! I will always try to stay here. There are Atleast thousands of expats out of the millions like me who are willing to sacrifice everything for it. Please unite the Ummah! May Allah guide us All and Bless the Nation! Long Live The King! Aameen!

    • The country has always opened its arms for our brothers but if we stay were we are the economy will collapse very soon and then this country will no longer be the land for you or even for us as citizens. We all will suffer but beautiful things always come after hard times. We love you and love our brothers and we hope they understand the situation.

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