Young Saudis take fight on terror to social media

Young Saudis take fight on terror to social media


Mishary Al-Yazidi

JEDDAH — Several young Saudis have turned to social media to combat terrorism.

Rakan Al-Suwaidi posted 10 posts on his Snapchat account expressing his pride in the Kingdom’s role in combatting terrorism.

“I support the decision to execute 47 terrorists. It is the only way to pluck terrorism out from its roots. A murderer must pay his price. The terrorists had taken more than just one life, they had taken many and they need to be eradicated,”Al-Suwaidi said.

He said terrorist organizations often target the youth because they are impulsive.

“There are impulsive and irrational youth, but there are also well-educated and well-informed youth who are standing against the vilifications and violence these organizations promote. Just as terrorists are gaining a voice on social media, we are gaining a voice too,” he said.

Ibrahim Mubaraki said verbal condemnation of terrorism is not enough. “Those terrorists got what they deserved. It is our role to keep our country safe. We will report of any terrorists we come across in real life or on social media. We are not naïve. We will not fall into their trap. It is our duty to develop and build our country and such violence is not tolerated,” Mubaraki said.

Mohammad Al-Aklabi said he tackles several issues through social media, including terrorism.

“Those terrorists murdered some of the closest people to our hearts and the families of the victims of their crimes have waited years to taste justice served. Terrorists don’t just kill our family members and spread terror, they also destruct our country and hinder its development. We are here to build our country and we must stop those who try to destroy it,” he said.

Areej Jalal said: “We keep hearing about the terrorists that are executed on TV. We need to hear about the combatants that have strongly rejected terrorism, and we need to see them highlighted and rewarded.

“We live in a globalized world that is mobilized by a popular new and real-time media. It is very important to share the news of the terrorists’ execution to show the world that Saudi Arabia condemns terrorism and does more than words to combat it.”


  1. Stand up for our youth. They are brave and smart, their great struggle is a rapidly changing environment and they are handling it magnificently under the circumstances.

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