10 Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

10 Whatsapp Tips and Tricks


Whatsapp messaging has been a crucial part of most people’s daily lives. People use it for catching with family, friends, and even following up with colleagues from work. Here are tips and tricks to not only filter your chats but also control the flow of messages.

1. Play with font

Font styles will set the tone of your message and set emphasis.

For bold letters, put an asterisk on either side of the word, like *this*

For italics, put an underscore on either side of the _word_

For strikethrough in words, use this shortcut just like ~this~

2. Switch to your new phone by keeping your chats intact By backing up your chats, you can find your Whatsapp intact on any device you decide to replace with

3. How to find your important messages The starring option allows you to find certain messages easily from along chat. This will help you to remind yourself to reply at a later time or refer to an important message.

4. Reply to individuals in a group

In a group, if you’re bombarded by a series of messages and want to reply to one. Instead of scrolling, highlighting the message and choosing the “reply” option, you can simply start from the text box and type the @ icon followed by a name. You will be able to choose the contact from the list of names in group

5. Avoid the double blue ticks

The double blue ticks will give away to your sender that you have read the message. To be able to read a message without it turning blue, you can turn them off by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts

6. You can choose to automatically save photos and videos from groups

Finding random videos and pictures in your library can be draining for your phone and frustrating at times. These are most probably automatically saved media from your groups even if you haven’t opened them. To switch off, you will have to go to each group and go to Group Info > Save Incoming Media > Never

7. You can open deleted messages on your Android

Only Android users can access deleted messages because they are saved in folders in the memory card.

8. You can choose who sees your profile picture

By default, anyone who has your number can see your profile picture. To allow only your contacts, you can control it in the privacy settings of the app

9. Send GIFs

In Whatsapp’s latest update (2.17.4), you can choose to send a GIF image from a GIF library to spice up your conversations

10. Go directly to your contacts from the home screen

For Android users only, you can pick certain contacts and locate them on the home screen and send media directly to their names rather than going to the Whatsapp app first