How Apple Watch Series 2 is looking to be your daily companion

How Apple Watch Series 2 is looking to be your daily companion


Small activities throughout the day can make a difference such as being conscious about breathing, taking walks, or simply standing up for a minute. Apple Watch Series 2 is designed to bring a new meaning to functionality by helping people stay motivated, active, and not to mention connected as well.


Three simple rings, Stand, Move, and Exercise give you a snapshot of your progress for all the activity you’ve down through out the day, be it walking between meetings, to hitting the gym.

The Stand ring shows you how much time you’ve spent on your feet as opposed to sitting, the Move ring tracks your calories, and the Exercise ring, and the most challenging of all, looks at your amount of brisk activity.

When you hit milestones or reach your personal best, you’ll receive a distinctive badge you can share with friends.

The Watch Series 2 is also designed to be water resistant to 50 meters.


The new Breathe app that came with watchOS 3.1 sends a reminder to take a minute to do a short deep-breathing exercise to be more mindful and better manage everyday stress. Upon completion, a summary of your heart rate will be displayed.


The built-in GPS, allowing for precise distance, pace, and speed. So the next time you want to go for a walk, a run, or cycling, you can leave your phone at home and rely on your Apple Watch Series 2 to help you identify your position, so you can immediately start your workout.

Built-in GPS also enables route mapping for outdoor walks, runs, cycle sessions, and even open water swims so that upon completion of a workout, a map of the route taken will be available in the Activity app on iPhone.