@FilFan bot, an interactive TV guide

@FilFan bot, an interactive TV guide


@FilFan bot, an interactive TV guideTo get information about any of the TV shows during Ramadan, this automated bot will answer them instantly. @FilFan knows about more than 100 TV programs and 60 series from 30 channels in the region and provides an interactive guide.

By visiting @FilFan and clicking on ‘Send a private message’ on the pinned tweet, you will start your query.

A chat box will appear where @FilFan will ask to choose from a list of categories from ‘Channels’, ‘Series’, ‘Programs’, ‘Showing Now’, and ‘Managing My Subscriptions’

When clicked on ‘Series’, for example, another list of categories appears showing the genres.

In an interactive conversation, you will be able to receive information about a show’s timings, a synopsis, the cast, or even subscribe to a daily recap.