Filming on your smartphone

Filming on your smartphone

Filming on your smartphone

Filming videos on your smartphone can be fun and even better when done right. Today’s smartphones provide high quality resolutions and endless possibilities in filmmaking.

Here are some tips to boost your video skills on your smartphone:

1.     Shoot horizontally

Hold your smartphone horizontally not vertically because it looks more natural like a TV screen.


2.    Hold it steady

If you don’t have a tripod, the best way to avoid shakiness is to hold the phone with both hands and lock your elbows into your body. If possible, lean against a wall.

3.    Lighting is key

Set it to high before recording because it will help you see better while filming. Adjusting the brightness for all your clips will give a coherent final image.

4.    Use a moviemaker app

It’s important to pick an app you’re comfortable with to edit and make your videos.

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5.    Make sure audio is coherent

Sometimes the audio is blocked by your hands while filming resulting in a muffled sound. Make sure you have the right sound quality even if you have to add a mic, especially when someone speaks in crowded places.

6.     Change angles

Shoot from different angles to make a balanced variety in your video.

7.     Don’t zoom in!

If you want to get a closer shot, don’t zoom in. It’s better to physically move with the camera towards the subject.