Helpful Apps during Ramadan

Helpful Apps during Ramadan


Almutawif is an app that streams the live status of the Holy Mosque in Makkah for tawaf, indicating how crowded the area is on all floors from light to medium to crowded.

Feeedz shows all the sales going on near you. As Eid is coming up, it’s much easier to browse all the nearby stores that have discounts with details of the offers. The app features all categories in retail, including clothing, furniture, restaurants, fitness, supermarkets, electronics, communications, travel agencies, and more.

Dua 2017 offers a collection of duaa’s or prayers in audio format you can choose from (only Android)

Teach Kids Quran helps parents teach their kids baby steps in learning the Quran as well as how to recite the verses with tajweed. It is similar to a challenging game where kids learn a lesson and move on to the next level. (only on Android)