Nature Photography using your smartphone

Nature Photography using your smartphone

Nature Photography using your smartphone

Camping trips provide the perfect photo opportunities for you to get creative. It is a unique platform to showcase all the beauty that nature has to offer.

Nature Photography using your smartphone“Photography has become much closer and available to everyone thanks to ever advancing technology,” says Emirati photographer Ahmad Al Rais. “With your phone, you are now not only able to shoot through your artistic lens on the go, but also share your experiences with your surroundings. There’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to get those shots of gorgeous sunsets or marshmallows around the fire…with one simple touch.”
Tips and tricks for you to capture every memory in full color:
1 – Portrait Mode: You can now capture stunning portrait shots of your family and friends at the campsite, the animals you see, and the nature around you through the iPhone 7 Plus’s new Portrait mode feature. The setting works by creating an “out-of-focus” background to put a visual emphasis on your subject in the foreground.
2 – Low Light: Some of the best camping shots are after the sun has gone down such as photos of the blazing stars. In the past, it would have been difficult to capture a photo of the night sky, but now with a new sensor and faster aperture, the iPhone 7 autofocuses and captures substantially better in low light.
3 – Time-lapse: Explore beyond still images and create time-lapse videos to set the scene. You could get creative and use time-lapse videos as you and your friends are building the tent or as the sun is setting. You can even leave your iPhone 7 on the tripod to capture the full sun rise and set without having to worry about any dust.
4- Slow-Motion: You’ve tried speeding this up, and now let’s try to slowing things down. How about you try shooting the burning campfire with the slow-motion setting to get a nice dramatic effect.
5 – Editing: Don’t forget, you will need a good editing app  to ‘up your photography game’. The ProCam app offers unparalleled control and quality with DSLR-like camera functionality and full featured photo / video editing capabilities for an unmatched editing experience.

Asked about the obstacles faced by outdoor adventurers when using technology in unpredictable weather or climate conditions, Al Rais said: “For a photographer, weather conditions from rain and snow to sunny skies, can be used to your artistic advantage. Each climate has it’s own personal charm but you’ll need the right gear in order to capture it. Fortunately, technology is evolving at a fast pace to accommodate solutions for different conditions. The new iPhone 7, for example, is designed to be water-resistant so now users are protected against spills, splashes, and dust but there are ways to add an additional layer of protection such as waterproof cases. I would also recommend taking an external power supply with you so you never run out of battery in case there are no power sources.”