The Future of Shopping

The Future of Shopping

By Layan Damanhouri

Digital innovations in advertising could significantly impact the future of consumerism, according to Panasonic representatives who are leading in this innovation with their latest LinkRay Light ID solution that turns shop windows into a digital display.
Making window shopping a reality
By scanning smartphones on products in the window, shoppers will receive its product description, cost, colors available, store branches, and whatever information the retailer chooses to put. This technology has the ability to transform the way people shop, Panasonic reps told Saudi Gazette during a press roundtable at one of their headquarters in Tokyo.

“People will save time and money by directly choosing their items of choice without waiting to speak to a salesperson or even going inside the store in the first place,” said Anthony Peter, director of corporate communications and operations at Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa.

How does it work?
Visible light transmission technology transmits information through high-speed and invisible flashing of an LED light source. With an app and a built-in image sensor in the smartphone, users receive ID codes by holding the smart phone up to an LED light source equipped with high-speed and invisible flashing. After receiving the ID, the app will connect to a server to access the info automatically.

The light transmission technology in particular allows users to scan from far and multiple users to scan simultaneously in as little as 0.3 seconds.
Digital Signage

Scrolling text, streaming video, moving images – anything is imaginable with digital signage that has the ability to transform the advertising industry.

Window displays in stores and restaurants will be altering from one image to another, offering retailers the option to put more than one ad for passersby.

By replacing billboards and posters in public spaces, moving content can boost consumerism significantly.

Brands have to pay on second-basis between 8 and 30 seconds per ad, generating revenue for the advertising agencies.