EgyptAir flight MS804 disappears from radar

EgyptAir flight MS804 disappears from radar


EgyptAir says Airbus A320 Flight 804 carrying 56 passengers and 10 crew disappeared from radar early Thursday morning.

The airline said Flight 804 from Paris to Cairo vanished 2:45 a.m. Egypt time. It was reportedly flying at a height of 37,000 ft.

The plane was reportedly an Airbus A320 and that its last known position was above the Mediterranean Sea. It was carrying 56 passengers, according to Egypt’s civil aviation, including one child and two babies.

Air traffic control authorities have said that they did not receive any stress call from the pilots of MS804. The commanding pilot of the plane reportedly had 6,000 flight hours.

Conditions were clear and calm when the plane crossed over the Mediterranean Sea, CNN reported.

Al Arabiya News Channel’s Randa Abu Azm said sources confirmed that the plane went missing 10 miles into Egyptian airspace.

“Egyptian air forces have now been dispatched into the area where the plane is believed to have gone missing. They are beginning search and rescue operations,” Abu Azm said.

Egypt army have said that Greek authorities are currently helping in the search and rescue operations for the missing plane.

Authorities said the plane was carrying at least 30 Egyptian and 15 French nationals. — Al Arabiya