Houthis plant half a million mines across Yemen: Report

Houthis plant half a million mines across Yemen: Report

A Yemeni government soldier stands on a truck transporting land mines left by the Houthi rebels in Al-Jadaan area, in the country’s central province of Marib. — Reuters file photo

Saudi Gazette report

Aden — Yemen’s Houthi militias and those loyal to ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh are continuing to plant land and sea mines in violation of international regulations, according to Arab Federation for Human Rights findings.

It revealed in its latest report that the Houthis have planted more than half a million anti-personnel mines in different parts of Yemen, killing more than 700 people.

Engineers, who were trained by the Arab Coalition, succeeded in clearing and dismantling 40,000 mines.

The Yemeni government appealed to the international community to urgently help in the clearance of Houthi mines to protect the Yemeni people from their devastating effects.

Yemen needs years to clear these mines because there are no maps showing their locations, the report said.

Commander of the Military Engineering Division in the 4th Military Region and Director of the National Center for Anti-Mines in Aden Col. Haytham Halaboub said that the militias have planted various types of mines, including the prohibited ones known as anti-personnel mines and innovative homemade as well as anti-tank mines.

He said the engineering teams managed until last May to clear more than 31,000 mines in Aden, Lahj and Abyan and parts of Taiz governorate.