A day unmatched in annals of our history

A day unmatched in annals of our history

Tahir, Principal of PISNR

FREEDOM is not something that can be bestowed on anybody. Freedom is something that people achieve after a lot of sacrifices. March 23 has an unmatched place in the annals of Pakistan history. It is considered as the day of national unity. This day is remembered as a day to resolve and reaffirm our commitment to ourselves and to make every possible effort in transforming our dear homeland into an ideal state.

A historic resolution was passed on this very day to achieve a separate homeland for the Muslims of subcontinent. This became a reality after a lot of sacrifices and seven years of ceaseless struggle. We should struggle on this day to put our entire heart and soul in raising the flag of our country higher in the comity of nations. I pray that God Almighty may bless our dear homeland with peace as well as prosperity.

Pakistan International School Nasiriyah Riyadh is a great alma mater in Saudi Arabia. It has been playing its part in grooming the educational as well as intellectual skills of the Pakistani students living in Riyadh for the last five decades. It is fully equipped with highly qualified and experienced staff, with advanced and modern labs. It has achieved splendid results in FBISE Exams.

PIS Riyadh has contributed immensely to produce the students of great character as well as potential such that these students can cope with the challenges of this modern era. They have also marked their name in different walks of life. On this auspicious day, me and my entire staff, congratulate the world nations from the core of our hearts.