Govt has striven for prosperity and progress

Govt has striven for prosperity and progress


Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

23rd March is an unforgettable day of our national history. The Muslims of South Asia were striving for an identity since long but did not have any destination before them. It was on this day that our vision converged, not only for a destination but we were also able to achieve that destination, Pakistan.

Allama Iqbal’s address in Allahabad, though, had given us the vision, but the national unanimity was reached on March 23, 1940. This day reminds us that if a nation has unwavering commitment and has devoted and sincere leadership, the goals which appear to be unattainable can be accomplished.

The creation of Pakistan was not only an assurance of stability in South Asia, but it was also a ray of hope for those people of the region, who were deprived of equal opportunities in the united India and attempts were being made to wipe out their cultural identity. A nation was able to attain its identity in Pakistan, who were at the mercy of the majority. The March 23 Pakistan Resolution envisioned a state ,which after its creation, would provide equal opportunities to all its citizen.

Today, thanks to Almighty Allah, the people of Pakistan have once again regained their lost aspirations. In past three years, where on one front, the government, army, security forces and the people have made sacrifices to make Pakistan a cradle of peace, the government has also made strides for achieving economic prosperity and progress.

By Grace of Allah, today’s Pakistan is a democratic country, which has an independent judiciary and a free media. The underprivileged areas of the country have been prioritized for development. Work has commenced on historic projects like CPEC, which as a result, has increased the pace of development in Balochistan. God willingly, Balochistan would soon be a developed region of the country.

It is a sweet coincidence that on March 23, Muslims found their destination of a Muslim State through the platform of Muslim League, and today again under leadership of Muslim League, we are regaining our goals. Today, as a nation, it is our responsibility to form a society where color, race, religion or sect does not become the basis of any discriminative behavior. We together have to make Pakistan a country where all the citizen enjoy equal rights and every region flourishes.

On this day, we have to renew our pledge. We have to make Pakistan a developed state of modern times, in line with Quaid-e-Azam’s vision. This journey has been accelerated in the last three years and InshaAllah it will continue with the same fervor. We pray that Allah the Almighty, may protect Pakistan and make it prosperous and developed state. Ameen

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Prime Minister of Pakistan