‘Transitions’ winners announced

December 13, 2015

‘Transitions’, the sixth edition of Art Jameel Photography announced the five winners of Art Jameel’s annual Photography Award (AJPA) at Hussain Jameel House, ALJ headquarters. Five GCC residents were announced the winners, Adriano Pimenta, Esabrak Al-Ansari, Raihana Alhashmi, Marwan Haredy, and Rawan Alhusaini.

What makes ‘Transitions’ competition different than the previous years is that it was opened to nationals and residents across the GCC.

For ‘Transitions’, Nuqat, Kuwait; Maraya Center, East Wing, the UAE; and MuscArt, Oman, were the partners with AJPA. The competition is supported by its cultural partner Saudi Arabian Society of Culture and Arts (SASCA).

Adriano Pimenta was announced as the first winner. He participated with four photos under the name of ‘Deconstruction of Inhabited Spaces, Transitions Behind the Obvious’, which showcased desert conditions.

Pimenta explained that photography was one of his hobbies and one of his friends suggested that he should participated in the Art Jameel competition since he is sharing with his friends through social media his experience in the Kingdom.

He submitted his photos and he won. Now he is thinking of going to the next stage, which is turning professional in the photography field.

Since he is an architect he wanted people to focus on space and take care of the desert for this he picked those pictures for the competition.

“Because the subject was transitions and the subject is very large. We can speak about transitions in everything. I looked at my photos and found that people leave the space after using it but in Saudi Arabia they care about space and desert. It is a beautiful country but people maybe in the future will leave the desert and that is my concern,” he added.

The theme of this year’s competition reflects today’s changing society and participants submitted a single photograph, or series of photographs that capture transitions from social, conceptual, cultural, economic, personal or even technical perspectives. — SG

December 13, 2015