Fine, jail for visit visa overstayers

Fine, jail for visit visa overstayers


RIYADH — A foreigner who overstays visit visa as well as the expat or the Saudi who got the visa issued will each be fined a maximum of SR50,000 and imprisoned for up to six months, according to the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat). Expatriate worker in such case will also be deported.

The penalty for overstaying a visit visa for the first time will be a fine amounting to SR15,000. The fine will be increased to SR25,000 in addition to three-month jail for overstaying a visit visa for the second time. A third violation will result in six-month jail and SR50,000 in fine, the directorate warned.

The penalties for an expat or Saudi who issued the visit visa will include a fine of SR15,000 for the first violation, SR25,000 fine and three-month jail for second violation, and six-month jail and SR50,000 fine for third violation. The expatriate will also face deportation in such cases.

The directorate urged Saudis and expatriates to contact it online through the website of for any queries in this regard.

The directorate urged all those coming on various types of visit visas to fully adhere to the residency regulations and leave the Kingdom before the expiry of their visas, the Saudi Press Agency reported.