Jamia Markaz India: A saga of trust and tradition

Jamia Markaz India: A saga of trust and tradition

April 02, 2016

Geographical segregation or ethnic diversity won’t hinder the educational or economic progress of a community, and Kerala, the southernmost state of India, which is physically far away from the Kingdom, is the best example to prove this. The state, has many accolades to its credit, including being the highest literate state in India, and has always kept an amity, proximity and cultural bond to Saudi Arabia with a strong moral and material support from the latter.

Jamia Markaz is the largest Islamic University in India. Its chancellor, the prominent Islamic scholar Sheikh Abubaker Ahmed, one of the 500 most influential world Muslim leaders, ranked by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center of Amman, is a multifaceted scholar-leader of rare caliber. He maintains a marvelous bond with the scholars, rulers, diplomats and countries internationally.

The Jamia aims to strengthen the moral character of the students and society by inculcating the teachings of Islam, developing the leadership capacities of Ulema and contributing largely to the weaker sections of the population, irrespective of religion, nationality and geographic entity.
Having student strength of 22,000 in its multiple faculties of Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence, Humanities, Arts, Science, Law, Medicine, Management and Technology, the institutions of Markaz are spread in and outside the Indian subcontinent.

It is with great solidarity and accord that Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman, the royal family and the Kingdom stand for world peace and denounce all kinds of threats to humanity, Sheikh Abubaker and his mission teaches and equips its followers to exhibit the true face of Islam by imparting knowledge, culture, ethics and harmonious coexistence, without sacrificing their core values.

International Universities like the Al-Azhar of Cairo, International Islamic University of Malaysia, WISE University of Jordan, Darul Mustafa of Yemen, Muhammadul Fatih Waqf University of Turkey, Al Qasimiya of the UAE and AMU Aligarh have already accredited and in affiliation with its curriculum of Islamic studies. Markaz College of Arts and Science, Markaz Law College, Markaz Unani Medical College and Hospital, Markaz Industrial and Technical Institute…etc. are institutions of Jamia Markaz.

Markaz College of Agriculture & Food Science will be a reality soon, which will have courses of B.Tech degrees in agronomy and food technology. Markaz alumni are engaged in Islamic Da’awa in various parts of the world including Africa, UK, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East…etc.

Markaz also pays equal attention to the relief and charitable services like serving the pilgrims during Haj season, housing project, food and edu-kits for families and children, support to the victims of disaster and calamities, home care for orphans, sweet water projects, cultural and medical centers for the sidelined population and livelihood sustenance to a number of destitute and poor.

Markaz Knowledge City

Markaz Knowledge City is the upcoming project of Markaz for learning, higher education and research, of which the first phase is nearing completion. The Knowledge City is designed to be an integrated township providing infrastructure for high class Academic institutions, Health care, Spiritual Center, Career and Residential facilities with values, tranquility and green concept in the lead. MKC aims at filling the wide gap in the transmission of knowledge to the new generation and will be a panacea of a conventional education, where spirituality will go hand in hand with material education.

Message From Sheikh Abubaker Ahmed

On the occasion of the visit of the Prime Minister of India to the Kingdom, Sheikh Abubaker Ahmed, chancellor of Jamia Markaz and the envoy of global peace, sincerely appreciates Custodian of the Tow Holy Mosques King Salman and thanks him for his incomparable services to the Holy Mosques and generous support extended to millions of people including the Indian community in Saudi Arabia. May the Almighty safeguard us from all threats against humanity and showers his bountiful blessings on the King, the people and the country as well. — SG

April 02, 2016