This bed-ridden Egyptian woman weighs 500 kg

This bed-ridden Egyptian woman weighs 500 kg

Iman’s weight prevented her from pursuing her studies beyond elementary school. — Courtesy photo

This is Alexandria resident Iman Ahmad Abdulati, 36. Since her weight reached 500 kg, a quarter century ago, the Egyptian woman has refused to leave home. Until now, she hasn’t found a solution in Egypt’s hospitals for her weight problem.

Chaymaa’ Ahmad Abdulati, Iman’s sister, spoke to Al about her sister’s suffering.

Iman’s sister said their family was made of their mother and her two daughters, the women’s father having died. She and her mother, alternate in taking care of Iman to help her eat, to spend time with her, to help her go to the restroom since she’s unable to move, or to reach the bathroom.

She added that Iman initially moved around using her hands. When she turned 11 she started to crawl on her knees, but was unable to walk out of her home. After she had a cerebral stroke, she became bedridden and was unable to do anything but lay on her back all the time without being able to move – or even roll over.

Chaymaa’ explained that Iman’s problem appeared at her birth when she was born weighing 5 kg. Physicians decided then to give her medicine to treat her glands’ disruption.

Iman’s weight prevented her from pursuing her studies after she dropped out of elementary school. Her situation worsened at 11, when she couldn’t stand on her feet anymore, having gained so much weight.

Physicians have described her condition as a disruption of the glands and elephantiasis disease that causes huge amounts of water to be retained in the body, causing excess weight.