Al-Ahsa: World’s most creative city

Al-Ahsa: World’s most creative city

November 04, 2016
Al-Ahsa: World’s most creative city
Al-Ahsa: World’s most creative city

Saudi Gazette report

THE United Nations chose the city of Al-Ahsa in east of Saudi Arabia as the most creative cities in the world on World Cities day.

According to Reuters, the world is undergoing the largest wave of urban growth in history, with millions of people moving to the fast-growing cities of the developing world, shedding spotlight on them.

In 2014, the United Nations launched Oct. 31 as World Cities Day to promote awareness of global urbanization and highlight the need for cooperation to meet the challenges of growth.

Around 54 percent of the world population currently live in urban areas which is forecast to rise to 66 percent by 2050, while the urban population rose to 3.9 billion in 2014 from 746 million in 1950, according to the United Nations.

Al-Ahsa is an oasis rich area with green spaces and water springs. It is the land of welfare, beauty, and good people. Also, it is the biggest governorate in the Eastern Province and a place of multiple historical civilizations and archeological sites. Tourists enjoy visiting its fairytale tourism sites.

To spend an interesting weekend, one can visit Al-Mishgir Historical Mountain with its fascinating nature. For desert adventures enthusiasts, Al-Qarrah Mountain, with its giant dark caves, is very alluring.

Al Ahsa is an oasis of dates and water springs, and it is the greenest place in the whole of the Eastern Province. It has more than a million and a half palm trees and it is the largest palm oasis in the world. 

On the banks of such an oasis, many agricultural works are implemented because of the abundance of water. Al Ahsa contains several springs, for example, Al-Jawhariah, Umm Sab’ah, Al-Khodoud and Al-Harah hot Springs in addition to the Sulfur springs.

Ibrahim Palace

It represents the main administrative center of Al-Ahsa province. It is located downtown Hafouf, in Al-Kut district and it is distinguished for its Ottoman military architectural style. The palace is open to visit all days of the week during the morning and evening periods.

Al Ahsa Museum for Antiquities and Heritage

It displays the region’s heritage through the ages. Visitors will have a chance to get to know the continental shifts, the geological time periods, and the age of the Earth. Moreover, they will have an opportunity to study the antiquities of the province and the Kingdom, in general.

The museum emphasizes the importance of the agricultural and commercial areas since ancient times until today. Also, the museum organizes some folklore performances of Al-Ahsa regularly.

November 04, 2016