8.2 million Saudis use Snap daily

8.2 million Saudis use Snap daily

June 02, 2017

Snapchat recently revealed Jeddah and Riyadh ranked the top daily usage in Snapchat, especially after the app allowed for customized filters for events and special occasions. Such filters are priced according to the size of the area and the duration. However, filters that are free are available for neighborhoods, public universities, cities, and airports.

2.8 billion snaps are created every day!

Number of Snapchat users around the world daily

More than 158 million Snapchat users globally

8.2 million in Saudi Arabia

1.1 million in UAE

60 million in USA and Canada

3 million in Australia

9 million in Brazil

Snapchat user portfolio:

45% male

55% female

Age: 18-40

June 02, 2017